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Terms & Conditions

OneStopShopForYouu provides the following Terms and Conditions:


A "user" is someone who scrapes, crawls, browses, or accesses the website.

"You" as well as "your" means user of the website.

“Our," "us," “we," means to ortage worldwide, Indian company.

"User content" refers to the content that you transmit or submit through or to the website like photographs, compliments, advice, invitations, information, reviews, videos, and comments that you show.

"Content" refers to all of the video, audio, photos, images, text, and all other forms of communication or data.

OneStopShopForYou content" refers to content that we publish on the website.


OneStopShopForYouu may make certain software / service for you from the website. If you utilized the Services or/and Site, or/and download software, content, files or images from the website, such Software, including all images and files generated or contained by the software, Services, or Site, and accompanying Software, is deemed to be licensed to you by OneStopShopForYou, for your non-commercial and personal use only.


You admit that OneStopShopForYouu will not disclose or publish your name in a link with your User Content. With the post of User Content on the website, you consider that you have the rights to the Content or are authorized to perform, transmit, display, distribute, or post User Content.


OneStopShopForYouu's policy is to find any blame for infringement of intellectual property brought to its attention. If you have good faith, you know, or have proof that the rights of a third party or your rights have been violated and you would like to ask OneStopShopForYouu to disable, edit, or delete the content in question, you should give the following information -                                                                             

Identification of the work claimed to have been infringed of intellectual property;

An electronic or physical signature of an individual authorized in order to act on behalf of the website owner of the main right;

Material identification which is claimed which is to be accessed or deleted, and data sufficient to allow OneStopShopForYouu to locate the material;

In the notification, a statement that the data is right that you are authorized in order to act on behalf of the site owner for allegedly infringed. You need to give it to orhage's designated agent at:

Copyright Infringement Agent

 If you have any issues regarding the artwork/pictures/products do write to us at

Dynamic Ventures


With the use of our Internet site or any service linked with the website, you will have to agree in order to abide by these Uses


We share Contact information with the other firms who will send you data about their services or products, until you have particularly requested that we do not share your Contact information with the companies.


We have the ownership to cancel or reject any order for solid reason. 


OneStopShopForYouu can give notification to you immediately of any such demand, liability, loss, or claim, and will give you reliable service in defending any cost, loss, damage, liability or claim.


We have the ownership to limit the products quantity bought per order, per mortgage, or per person. These limitations will be applicable to placed orders by the similar account of payment as well as to orders that use the same e-mail address or shipping address, and/or same billing.


You cannot create few types of Content. You cannot transmit, download, show, distribute, upload, or perform Content that:

(10.1) is promotes or offensive or incites racism, physical harm, hatred or bigotry of any type against any person or group;

(10.2) is threatening, abusive, obscene , defamatory, or, libelous misleading;

(10.3) contains data that creates or makes a security or privacy risk to any individual;

(10.4) includes the video or images of other people that you have posted without that consent of individual;

(10.5) exploits folks in the violent or sexual manner;

(10.6) contains offensive subject matter or excessive violence.


You could not be able to engage in the listed below activities:

(11.1) Utilizing the Site in order to promote discrimination or bigotry;

(11.2) Defrauding, stalking, threatening another individual, or advocating, harassing, or inciting the harassment of another individual;


OneStopShopForYouu has no liability and no right for any 3rd party materials or websites. OneStopShopForYouu works with numerous affiliates and partners whose Internet websites may be associated with the OneStopShopForYouu Site. As OneStopShopForYouu Site does not have any control over the performance and content of these affiliate and partner website. It is not giving any guarantee about the quality, content, currency, or accuracy of the data given by other sites, and it has no liability for misleading, unlawful, inaccurate, unintended, or objectionable content that can reside on affiliates sites. You agree that OneStopShopForYou assumes no responsibility, and makes no guarantees for the accuracy, quality, content, or currency of the 3rd party content.


OneStopShopForYouu has the full right in order to reject your Site or service usage. In order to ensure that OneStopShopForYou gives a good experience of the quality for you and for other Users of the Site, you acknowledged that OneStopShopForYouu can access your records and account on a case-by-case basis in order to check allegations or complaints of infringement, abuse of prohibited uses of the Site, or third party rights. OneStopShopForYouu will not disclose the occurrence or existence of the information unless needed by law, but it can reject your access or your account to the Site promptly, without liability to you, and without notice to you, if it considers that you have avoided any Terms and Conditions.

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